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Updated: May 8


Hi, my name is Fern and I am a Veterinary Physiotherapist, as well as a qualified Zoologist and Wildlife Conservation Manager. I will qualify as a Veterinary Physiotherapist in June 2024 from Harper Adams University in Shropshire. I originally lived in the Republic of Ireland, however I moved from Ireland to the U.K. to pursue my studies in Veterinary Physiotherapy, as at the time there were no universities in Ireland that taught this course. I moved to the U.K. by myself to study at Harper Adams in 2020 during the Covid-19 pandemic, which was no easy task but it definitely helped to shaped me as a person and grow in confidence. Luckily, I have now set up my life in Nottinghamshire with my partner Joe, who I met shortly after moving here and is also a qualified Veterinary Physiotherapist. Joe and I ventured to Aiken in South Carolina, USA to complete an internship year and it was by far the best year of our lives. It presented us with way more opportunities then we ever could have hoped, and I owe nearly all of my skills in the veterinary physiotherapy profession to this year abroad.

Please click the buttons below to follow our social media pages to keep up to date with Momentum Vet Physio as I travel around the country trying to treat as many patients as possible! I will be posting daily through stories, reels, posts and updates to give you all the insights into the day to day of a newly qualified professional, with a newly established business, who is a complete and utter animal lover.

In addition to social media, I will be posting a weekly blog on my website to keep all of you up to date on all things Momentum Vet Physio, whether fun or boring, interesting or scary, good or bad (fingers crossed not many of these!!).


Did you know, Momentum Vet Physio now has a Members Profile option?

Why not try our new Members Profile option to make booking even easier! Here you can add all your details just once instead of having to do it every single time you want to make a booking. Just go to the top right hand corner of the home screen to set up a log in and enter your information, it's as easy as that!

In your profile you will be able to see upcoming appointments, past appointments, purchased plans, invoices and more. Additionally to this, any members who have created their profile will receive weekly newsletters via email, unless you have opted out of this in your settings, with all of the latest updates and maybe even some cheeky offers too. Why wouldn't you sign up.


If you have a pet in need of physiotherapy, whether young or old, small or large, male or female, competing or not, Momentum is the Vet Physio for you. Please click on the link below to book one of our "Initial Consultation"appointments by filling out the simple booking form.

P.S. we don't just treat dogs and horses! Test my knowledge by booking an appointment for any and all of your companion or farm animals.

Also don't forget to check out our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy which are linked below and can also be found linked at the bottom of all of our website pages. After you read this why not go and book your first appointment using the booking form linked above. I can't wait to meet all of you and your gorgeous pets, who I will put a lot of time and effort into Making your pet our most valuable patient. Thanks for reading and see you all next week!

MVP - T's & C's
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